Self Defense

Self-defense training for girls and women, boys and men is imperative so they can take care of themselves as well as vulnerable people around them like children, parents or the elderly in any given situation.

At Seido, basic self-defense and an awareness of one’s surroundings is an organic part of each class. However, we also offer customizable self-defense workshops to clubs, corporates, NGOs and other organizations.


  • Self-defense is only 1% physical. 99% of self-defense is psychological and mental.
  • Self-defense is not how you act. It is how you think before you act.

SEIDO offers the following workshop options (customized as per context and needs):

  • Full day session
  • Two half-day sessions over 2 days
  • Two-hour sessions over 4 days
  • One-hour sessions over 8 days

Sessions are based on a powerful conceptual framework developed by Seido internationally.


  • Introduction to self-defense
  • The 5-Finger model for self-defense
    • The different stages of attack & defense
  • Prevention and alertness – the best defense
    • Psychological and mental preparedness
    • Managing emotions – the fight or flight reaction
  • The complete sequence of an assault situation
    • Distancing & de-escalation skills
    • Vital points in the human body
    • Techniques and tactics against vital points
  • The power of speaking out
    • Defender’s rights and advantage legislation

Faculty: Kyoshi Rahul Agarwal