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by Senpai Isha Jain, 1st Dan Black Belt, MBBS Student, Associate Instructor on Seido Karate Noida

To start with it has been an amazing journey overall. With lots of ups and downs. Today I have completed almost 12 years. When I started initially it was my mom who used to force me to the class and see the wonderful effect of the class that today even after having many exams in the day, I am the one telling my mom that I need to go to the class. And the journey continues.

Karate class provides a free space to leave everything behind and just recharge your batteries to take on the world again. It can be your safe space. It can instil a sense of security which you would only find with people who become family.

by Dipika Jalan, Mother of Aarnav Jalan on Seido Karate Noida

My son Aarnav has very recently become a part of the Seido Academy. A chance glance into the room where sir was totally in action was the answer to my concerns. The energy, discipline and zeal… This is what Aarnav needs the most. 

by Neharika Gupta, Author and a compassionate being supporting social causes, student (Yellow Belt). on Seido Karate Noida

Karate is a life changing activity. This is not just a martial art, it is a way of life, a way to see others, a way to see yourself, a way to see love, respect and obedience. I love karate.

by Abha Tripathi, Wife of Sumit Arora (Brown Belt, Software professional with Accenture) on Seido Karate Noida

Motivation, inspiration and real happiness. Peace, calm, strength all together. In this materialistic world very eew things which give real happiness, and Karate is one of those for my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. With love and respect.

by Amay Joshi, 10 years, Student (Adv Yellow Belt) on Seido Karate Noida

I like the class because I get confidence and build composure.

by Shweta and Deepan Joshi, Parents of Amay Joshi on Seido Karate Noida

The three pillars of love, respect and obedience are truly being imbibed in the kids even though you have to struggle hard with Amay with respect to obedience. But both of us are really thankful to you for all your support (mental and otherwise) during our trying times. Much Respect.

by Rachana Pandey, Mother of Shivangi Pandey, Student on Seido Karate Noida

Amazing experience. The love, discipline and respect taught here will take kids to higher places in life. Thank you Kyoshi. Regards.

by Pradenjit Keswani, Advocate Supreme Court, Student (Brown Belt) on Seido Karate Noida

Four years ago I joined Seido Karate Noida looking for a fitness regime, little did I realise that discovering the path of Karate will be a life changing experience. Karate has not only made me physically stronger but I has given me mental and emotional strength. The realisation that path of karate is to become a better human being is phenomenal. And that is what Seido Karate is about. Hope to be on this journey for many more years. Osu. Respect, Love, Obedience.

by Ananya Jalan, Sister of Aarnav Jalan on Seido Karate Noida

Although I am not in the class, I really was amazed when I saw this program. I also want to join Martial Arts. It was amazing how Sir broke the blocks. Someday I am going to join martial arts.

by Aarnav Jalan, School student, Student in the class (White Belt) on Seido Karate Noida

I have recently started my journey at Seido academy. Martial arts is making me more routine and helps me practice self control. Watching sir do martial arts is very inspiring.

by Ruby Bhatia, Mother of Dhruv Bhatia, Student on Seido Karate Noida

Love the energy of the class. The event today was fantastic.

by Dhruv K Bhatia, School Student, Student in the class (Blue Belt) on Seido Karate Noida

I like to come for the class as it is fun and strengthens my body and mind. I want to be a black belt soon 😊

Every class is a different and new experience. During the week I look forward to nearing the day of the class. I have learnt so much and look forward to learn much more along with the Seido family! I am so grateful 😊

by Manish Govil, Manages Family Business, Student (Adv Brown Belt) on Seido Karate Noida

It seems like only yesterday when I joined Seido 16 years ago. It’s been a privilege to be a part of the this organisation which has contributed so much to my life. I hope that I can give back to Seido what it has given me. Love. Respect. Obedience.

by Jash Acharya, 11 years old, school student, Student (Adv Brown Belt) on Seido Karate Noida

It has been a very awesome, epic, legendary cool journey with loads of happiness. I want to speak more but I am speechless.

by Bhavya Acharya, Mother of Jash Acharya on Seido Karate Noida

In this big universe… there is a small family which meets in Club 15A… who proudly call themselves “SEIDOITES!!!”