Seido Karate, Noida was started on May 14, 2002 by Kyoshi Rahul Agarwal. The dojo is located in a peaceful corner of the reputed Sports and Cultural Club in Sector 15A, Noida.

Age Eligibility : 6 years and above
(5 year olds can join along with an accompanying parent who also joins the class)

Monday: 7pm – 8.30 pm (basics, combinations, self-defense, katas)
Wednesday: 7pm – 8:30 pm (basics, combinations, self-defense, katas)
Saturday: 5pm – 7:30pm (regular class along with kumite aka sparring, meditation)

Each class is structured keeping in mind the ethos of Seido and are paced and structured to the ability of each student. Young karatekas and working professionals have the option to join a shorter class thrice a week or Saturday-only class.


  • The dojo is well-lit, ventilated and spacious
  • Globally-standardised punching and kicking bags are available for use
  • A water cooler is located next to the class
  • There are earmarked secure areas to keep shoes and bags
  • Yoga mats are available for use during meditation
  • The club boasts of excellent changing rooms and showers
  • The friendly club staff make joining and payments fuss-free

Getting started with Seido Karate is very easy. Just get in touch with us over phone or e-mail us at to schedule a free, no strings attached trial class. You will get to practice along with the other students and get a firsthand experience of what your training would be like.

Kyoshi Rahul Agarwal – 5th Degree Black Belt (certified at the World Seido Headquarters in NY)
The dojo is nothing short of a sacred space for Kyoshi Rahul – it energizes him to spend hours teaching his students. In his words, “The Dojo brings out the best in me which in turn enables me to bring the best out of my students. The mutual journey is a transformational experience where the teacher and the taught become a unified energy like the yin and yang emanating from the same source – it is Spiritual.”

Senpai Harjas Chatha – 2nd Degree Black Belt
Senpai Harjas was awarded his 1st Degree Black Belt (Shodan) in December 2009 by Grandmaster Tadashi Nakamura himself and was promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt in 2015.

Senpai Pooja Agarwal – 1st Degree Black Belt
Senpai Isha Jain – 1st Degree Black Belt
Senpai Rabya Agarwal – 1st Degree Youth Black Belt